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Commitment to Quality 

At Aitech, we deliver high-quality products designed to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions on land, in air, at sea, and in space

Demanding Internal QA

Our rigorous internal quality assurance process covers the design, development, purchasing, production, and delivery phases.

Strict Supplier QA

We ensure that our subcontractors meet rigid quality-control requirements for materials and workmanship.

Exacting Customer Audits

Our exacting customers – such as NASA and Boeing – continuously undertake quality-control inspections during all design manufacturing phases at our facilities.

International Certification

• ISO 9001:2015
• AS9100D
• AS9006 – approved by Boeing Quality Management Systems for suppliers
• IPC-A-610
• J-STD-001
• NASA BGA soldering procedure
• NASA-STD-8739.3