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Four Top-performing SBCs Now Offer Up to 21% Lower Power Consumption

NXP T4xx1 Series multicore QorIQ PowerPCs significantly reduce thermal power across an extended temperature range


Technical Highlights:

  • Available in 3U or 6U VPX; 6U VME & 3U VPX HW/SW bundled SBCs
  • Better manage thermal profiles and dense electronics requirements
  • Extended temperature (-40°C to +105°C) on all speeds, up to 1.8 GHz
  • Fully compatible with previous T4xx0 QorIQ Series

Chatsworth, Calif. August 2018 – Aitech Defense Systems Inc. has integrated the ultra-low power T4xx1 processor family from NXP into four of its high-performing SBCs.  By further reducing power consumption within the board itself, Aitech helps designers meet the challenges of SWaP-C optimization throughout a number of rugged and mobile environments.

Emil Kheyfets, Director, M&A Product Management, Aitech Defense Systems, noted, “Our customers face new and challenging design obstacles every day.  As system size shrinks and electronics density increases, it’s our job to provide solutions to solve these challenges, while keeping costs in line with budget requirements.  Developing a range of powerful multicore SBCs with cost-effective, lower cost-per-watt options enables them to meet the thermal profiles of today’s highly integrated, embedded systems.”

To offer the most flexibility in design options, Aitech has implemented NXP’s new, low-power T4241, T4161 and T4081 PowerPC variants (collectively, the T4xx1 Series) on the company’s QorIQ-based SBCs.

The low-power series is available on the C912 3U VPX SBC, which offers up to twelve e6500 PowerPC cores, as well as on the C111 6U VME and C112 6U VPX SBCs, all of which have NXP’s Trust Architecture 2.0. This technology provides a high-trust Cybersecurity processing environment for sensitive data security and supervisory control, a typical requirement for manned and unmanned space, air and ground vehicles.

For those looking for an integrated HW/SW bundled platform that offers exceptional graphics computing, the CB912 VideoPaC also comes with the option of using a processor from the low-power T4xx1 Series. The CB912 combines a 3U VPX single-slot SBC with a video/graphics XMC mezzanine using AMD’s E8860 Radeon GPU to create new dimensions of imaging, high-end graphics and data processing.

The T4xx1 Series is 100% software compatible with the original T4xx0 family, meaning designers can utilize either on the Aitech COTS SBCs, depending on their individual application requirements.  The low-power processors offer an extended temperature range of -40°C to 105°C on all 1.8 GHz speed bins as well as thermal power reduction of up to 21% depending on the device and speed bin selected.

By providing greater energy efficiencies, the SBCs maximize available system power, while meeting the throughput and peak performance demands of modern embedded applications.

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