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Aitech To Present Full Space Capabilities for Any Mission Across All Orbit Levels At 2022 Space Symposium

New COTS-based products enable faster integration, improved time to market for evolving next-gen space electronics


Chatsworth, Calif. March 2022 – Aitech, a leading provider of board and system level solutions for military, aerospace and space applications, will showcase its latest technology innovations for space-rated environments at the 2022 Space Symposium (Booth #307) in Colorado, Springs, CO from April 4-7, 2022. The company provides a full range of capabilities that can be employed in any space mission across all orbit levels, from near earth and low earth up to lunar orbits and deep space.

Anthony Lai, Business and R&D Director for Space at Aitech, noted, “COTS-based products are revolutionizing space electronics by removing computing limitations and increasing integrations as well as making space exploration more affordable, reliable and time efficient to field across all relevant space environments. Our goal is to develop rugged, cost-effective systems that help facilitate this next generation of space exploration.”

Aitech’s new space innovations are part of the company’s Space Digital Backbone (DBB) infrastructure that provides a unified, connected and scalable communication infrastructure for the increasing number of digital technologies being implemented throughout space electronics. This concept, which heavily utilizes COTS systems for scale and cost-efficiencies, is shaping how future space missions will be operated successfully.

Aitech will discuss its recently released S-A6640 space-rated managed Ethernet switch, the heart of the DBB structure, that lowers costs and significantly improve time-to-market for several NEO/LEO mission types, from small satellite constellations to manned mission, in addition to its flagship SP0-S, a low power, radiation-hardened space-qualified 3U CompactPCI SBC that is fully characterized for high altitude, NEO, LEO, GEO or lunar missions and has been successfully deployed throughout all orbit levels.

In addition, Aitech will showcase its first-to-market COTS-based Series 300 space products developed specifically for short duration and lower orbit levels, including the S-A1760 Venus™, the smallest, most powerful space-rated AI-based GPGPU subsystem as well as the S999,the most compact, highest density storage unit available for space.

Announced at last year’s Space Symposium, the Series 300 level of qualification was developed to close the gap between in-lab test units and fully qualified, characterized space-rated electronics in order to validate cost-effective COTS space technologies for use in the growing low earth orbit (LEO) and near earth orbit (NEO) space sectors.

Aitech rugged, reliable and space-rated electronics systems and components are used in a variety of government, commercial and private space programs and have flown trillions of miles and operated over a million hours without failure. The company continues to develop cost-effective COTS-based and custom integrated systems, depending on radiation and mission requirements, giving the company the ability to offer an extensive array of space solutions with the backing of several decades worth of engineering experience.   

For more information, stop by Booth #307 at the 2022 Space Symposium, call 888-Aitech-8 (888-248-3248), visit or e-mail [email protected]

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With 40 years of experience, Aitech is a global digital electronics manufacturer with expertise in providing reliable, rugged embedded systems for the harshest, most unforgiving environments in military, aerospace and space applications. We enable the world’s leading companies to expand their most revolutionary explorations and push the boundaries of innovation across sea, land, air, and space.

We provide COTS products based on multiple open standard architectures, including SOSA, FACE, VPX, CompactPCI, etc., such as single board computers, I/O, memory and graphics boards, PMC/XMCs and sub-system enclosures, with over 100,000 boards and custom integrated systems delivered to take on the most challenging projects in the harshest environments and succeed.  As a pioneer in space applications, Aitech offers proven space pedigree with trillions of miles flown in a variety of space missions without a single failure. 

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