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Meeting project deadlines, having a reliable supply of products and mitigating risk are all extremely important when it comes to high-profile defense and space programs. At Aitech, we understand this and have created a broad array of customer support services for our products throughout their entire product lifecycle.

Our Support+ Program provides two levels of product support to help ensure a successful solution is delivered to our customers during a product’s active phase. Our Standard Support features Aitech product-level support for COTS and MCOTS products, while Extended Support features an elevated tier in customer care, including preferred access to technical experts and application-level support.

To ensure our products meet their lifecycle management requirements, Aitech also offers our COTS Lifecycle+ program that addresses all product phases, from prototype to deployable product and through to in-service life extension. In a time when component obsolescence is on the rise, the COTS Lifecycle+ program ensures that you will be able to rely on Aitech to obtain the needed component parts and support well into the future.

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