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Reduce Time to Market Through Interoperability and Innovation

Open standards are the key to solving many of today’s design challenges in high performance computing applications. It’s why we continually aim to strengthen and grow the embedded computing ecosystem.

Aitech Open Standards

Aitech’s Commitment to Open Standards
Aitech plays an active role in several leading industry standards organizations, including VITA, SOSA, FACE and PICMG, and works in conjunction with our industry partners to build the best rugged solutions for our customers. We understand that the industry’s top contractors, their subsidiaries and a multitude of contractors rely on our expertise and knowledge to get the job done.

Our commitment to open standards technologies spans more than two decades, predating the dawn of VME and continuing to the modern SOSA initiatives we are working on today.  By developing and implementing the most advanced technologies for our customers, while continually embracing an open standards mindset, we aim to strengthen and grow the embedded computing ecosystem.
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Helps foster software interoperability across military computing platforms

Aitech knows that as software and hardware integration continue to converge, understanding both sides of the coin is critical to developing systems that will be utilized across different military platforms to support interoperability and foster a greater sense of open standards solutions. We're actively participating in the developing of FACE conformant solutions.

Learn More About Aitech's Participation in FACE
SOSA Sensor Open Systems Architecture

Through an industry-government consensus, creates a common framework for technology reuse across military systems

Aitech's membership in SOSA has already brought superior technologies to the MOSA community.  Incorporating the latest GPGPU technologies and the most advanced cybersecurity features, our SOSA aligned AI supercomputers, XMCs, SBCs and more are helping shape the defense systems of tomorrow.  

U-C5300 GPGPU Board
U-C850x SBC
U-C8770 SBC
U-C9140 3U VPX SBC
U-P2330 3U VITA 62 Power Supply


Collaboratively develops open standards for a range of high performance applications: military, industrial, general purpose embedded computing, etc.

We’re proud that the first true radiation-tolerant, 3U CompactPCI COTS embedded computing products deployed in Earth-orbit satellite and manned space vehicle applications came from our engineering team, and that we continue our PCIMG-related product innovations on more recent programs, like NASA's OSIRIS-Rex and LOFTID as well as in several satellite cluster, launch vehicle, human platform and hypersonic missile applications.

SP0-S Rad Tolerant SBC
S940 Rad Tolerant I/O Board
E905 Rad Tolerant Enclosure
C925 SBC

Promotes the concept of open technology for critical embedded computing; governs both the VME and VPX specifications

As a proud legacy member of VITA for more than two decades, our passion for innovation through open standards is a driving factor in our contributions to VITA Working Groups and developing leading-edge Integrated Systems, SBCs, Ethernet Switches, and more that incorporate VITA’s renowned open standards initiatives.  Aitech delivered the first true military SAVA (Standard Army Vetronics Architecture) compliant, 6U x 160 mm VMEbus SBCs in 1985, a full three years before anyone serving this emerging market.

C878 SBC


C530 GPGPU Board

M599 GPGPU and Graphics XMC

P233 Power Supply

M620 Ethernet Switch

Open Standards Compliant Products

Aitech's Latest Open Standards News

Building the Embedded Community Ecosystem

A critical initiative Aitech has embraced is shifting to be a more value-driven partner for our customers, providing systems and solutions, not only boards and components.  This more well-rounded approach enables us to strengthen the unified communications infrastructure, known as the digital backbone, while focusing on distinct areas that enable our customer to build better systems faster and more effectively, through pre-integration, verification and data security.

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Aitech is a proud member of a number of industry affiliated organizations, including:

AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) 
ANSI (American National Standards Institute) 
AUSA (Association of the US Army) 
CCSDS (Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems) 
FACE (Future Airborne Capability Environment) 
GIDEP (Government-Industry Data Exchange Program) 
IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) 
PICMG (PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group) 
SOSA (Sensor Open Systems Architecture)
VITA (VMEbus International Trade Association)

We work hand-in-hand with our industry partners to build the best rugged solutions for our customers.