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Mil & Aero – Video & Graphics

Today’s embedded applications are becoming increasingly video/graphics intensive, with the number of inputs and overlays from image processing, video analytics, object recognition and classification growing exponentially. Aitech’s family of video and graphics PMCs/XMCs supports all of these and more.

Based on NVIDIA and an AMD/ATI graphics processor, supplemented with custom Aitech FPGAs, these boards provide a high level of 2D/3D processing and overlay capabilities. Multiple video/graphics I/O formats and channels enable these products to accept many different kinds of input signals and to drive multiple outputs to nearly any kind of monitor.

Aitech’s video and graphics boards are supported with drivers for popular operating systems including VxWorks®, various types of Linux®, Windows®, INTEGRITY®, and QNX®.  In addition, we offer DO178B certifiable boards.
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ProductProduct NameForm FactorGPUVideo OutputsVideo InputsLife Cycle PhaseView/Download
M599XMCY5 x DVI (Display Port)NAProject BasedView Product
M596XMCYDVI/HDMISD-SD/HD-SDIComposite (RS-170A/NTSC/PAL)S-Video (NTSC/PAL)RGBHVMulti-Standard RGB (sup.STANAG 3350 B/C), ARINC 818DVI/HDMI SD-SD/HD-SDI Composite (RS-170A/NTSC/PAL) S-Video (NTSC/PAL) RGBHV Multi-Standard RGB (sup.STANAG 3350 B/C)Project BasedView Product
M598PMCYDVI/HDMI Composite (RS-170A/NTSC/PAL) S-Video (NTSC/PAL) RGBHVDVI/HDMI Composite (RS-170A/NTSC/PAL) S-Video (NTSC/PAL) Multi-Standard RGB (sup.STANAG 3350 B/C)Project BasedView Product
M577XMCN/AN/AComposite (RS- 170A/NTSC/PAL) S-Video (NTSC/PAL) SD-SDI/HD-SDIProject BasedView Product
M571XMCN/AN/AComposite (RS- 170A/NTSC/PAL)Project BasedView Product
Aitech M597 Dual-head Graphics and Video PMCM597PMCYDVI/HDMI, SD-SD/HD-SDIDVI/HDMI, SDI RGBHV, Analog TV CompositeProject BasedView Product
Aitech M595 Dual-head Graphics XMCM595XMCYDVI/HDMIRGBHV Analog TV DVI/HDMI Custom RGB LVDS SDIProject BasedView Product

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