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The JADC2 Initiative

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Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2)

Data-driven advances in tactical warfare are enabling the future of military command and control (C2). Overall coordination of military operations has expanded past land and sea, venturing into other relevant domains, such as air, space and cyber. This expansion of warfare domains is providing the warfighter more opportunities to better integrate decision-quality data and ensure secure access to reliable, timely information.


The need for a more integrated communication infrastructure has been a powerful motivator for new programs working to enhance military intelligence. A network architecture, led by the Department of Defense (DoD), ensuring that multidomain strategies aimed at optimizing the integration, coordination and synchronization of military operations is Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2).

Today’s JADC2 Concept

The JADC2 initiative allows system integrators to connect disparate systems together with the use of AI, ML and other advanced capabilities, allowing access to data from each system in order to make informed decisions. As the concept grows, defense operations rely heavily on data processing at the tactical edge. Aitech provides a solid set of capabilities to support the JADC2 concept and enable accelerated information access through all defense domains. JADC2 is shifting military operations to focus on creating a secure command and control network across all branches of the military. Because our open system architecture, rugged computer and embedded system solutions provide leading-edge interoperability and performance, Aitech is at the forefront of providing a more unified military communications network.

Innovative Embedded Systems Designed For Communications

Our rugged, high performance embedded computing (HPEC) systems withstand extreme shock, vibration and temperature and provide reliability in harsh environments. We develop products that support autonomous operation, enhance connectivity and enable unmatched data processing. Innovations such as our U-C850x single board computers (SBCs) and the A179 Ultra-SSF Supercomputer incorporate leading-edge technologies that enhance situation awareness and decision superiority.

U-C8500 Secure HPEC SBC

The U-C850x Series combines three pillars of modern data processing acceleration: CPU, iGPU and FPGA, to meet the demand of real-time data processing, enabling rapid decision-making and response to command and control networks. At its introduction, Aitech’s A179 Ultra-SFF Supercomputer broke the mold in compact, high performing, low-power GPGPU-based systems.


A critical role to ensure the success of JADC2 technology is the security precautions taken to protect these unmanned and autonomous systems from adversaries. Aitech’s proprietary hardware-based cybersecurity framework, AiSecure, prevents data breaches and firmware in products while allowing secure transmission and storage of sensitive data. With sophisticated cybersecurity measures, JADC2 networks are capable of meeting the requirements to produce protective warfighting technologies.

Benefits of Multi-domain Communications

By leveraging commercial investments and technologies, the JADC2 concept brings together military systems across the entire battlespace that are networked and connected to provide a centralized command and control system. Networked systems enhance connectivity and processing technologies to achieve information advantages and mission effectiveness throughout the DoD. The information collected from multiple domains and platforms improve the tactical timeline by presenting warfighters with the data needed in a common operating system.


Using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components not only allows for tighter security measures, cost efficiencies and streamlined innovation, provides a proven path to developing all-domain, interconnected, near-real time communication links in a resilient manner. At Aitech, our COTS-based networking and connectivity products enable a unified infrastructure that can span across the defense domain. With security measures capable of deflecting adversaries, this connected network meets the DOD’s demand for a rapid, decisive advantage under a constrained budget.

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Aitech's Role in Supporting the JADC2 Concept

When the defense industry, system developers and government work together, single sophisticated global networks like JADC2 can come to fruition. With an open systems approach that builds on security, durability and connectivity, all military branches will be better suited to deter adversaries as well as communicate and fight as a unified force. Aitech is applying our four decades of experience and knowledge in rugged military computing in this JADC2 domain to provide the DoD with products suitable to support to support mission needs in a secure and connected ecosystem.

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