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Military Advantage through Embedded Computing

Embedded computing empowers the military with efficient data collection, real-time analysis, enhanced situational awareness, seamless communication, and predictive capabilities providing our warfighters with a needed military advantage across air, ground and sea. These elements are critical for generating and analyzing strategic intelligence, enabling military leaders to make informed decisions, devise effective strategies, and gain a competitive advantage in complex and dynamic operational environments. At Aitech we have taken our decades of ruggedization expertise and applied it to provide reliable embedded systems for harsh environments qualified for survival in air and ground, applications.


Military air platforms enhanced by embedded computing technology can achieve real-time data processing and analysis along with seamless communication. This improvement in situational awareness allows for optimized mission planning and execution, advanced self-protection capabilities and improved cooperation with other assets in the air.

These advantages significantly contribute to military superiority in the air domain and provide a strategic edge in modern warfare. From GPGPU-based boards to single board computers, network switches and small form factor (SFF) systems, Aitech provides the quality in design and longevity in system performance that makes a difference in mission critical operations such as intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance for military superiority in the air domain.

Industry MilAero Air
Industry MilAero Ground


By harnessing embedded computing technology, military ground vehicle platforms and soldier-worn systems can provide military a much-needed advantage. Through autonomous capabilities, improved battlefield connectivity, artificial intelligence processing to optimize tactical decision making, and data processing and analysis for threat detection, the military advantage on the ground is becoming more superior.

These capabilities provide a strategic edge and increase operational effectiveness in various combat scenarios.
At Aitech, we continue to meet the need with the right Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) characteristics within sealed rugged enclosures for ground platforms. The future of ground military technology is giving our warfighters the needed advantage on the battlefield.

The Role of COTS in the Digital Backbone

Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) components and technologies play a crucial role in the development of the digital backbone for military platforms. The digital backbone is an integrated network of computing and communication systems that provide the infrastructure for data processing, information sharing and control within military platforms. By incorporating COTS components into the digital backbone, military platforms leverage cost-effective, cutting-edge technology while benefiting from interoperability, rapid deployment, scalability, and efficient maintenance. This allows for the development of robust and advanced digital infrastructures that support critical functions, such as data processing, communication, and command and control, on military platforms. Aitech is dedicated to building COTS products designed for the digital backbone for air and land military platforms.

Where the Future of Military Electronics is Leading

By aligning technology roadmaps with size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements, cost-effective, cutting-edge electronic solutions are being developed for military communications, electronic warfare (EW), command and control, autonomous and radar systems, surpassing the performance of previous generations. The needs for these systems and capabilities to prepare for future battle scenarios are driving the evolution of military electronics. These effective and secure systems supported by a greater SWaP efficiency provides strategic capabilities and a competitive advantage for our warfighters.

GPGPU family

In today’s compact computing environment, the demand for data processing is ever-increasing. General-purpose graphics processing (GPGPU) has become a fundamental component in defense and aerospace applications, paving the way for artificial intelligence (AI) into military platforms. AI brings transformative capabilities to assist warfighters with making faster decisions on the battlefield. Rapid decision making in a critical battle environment can be a difference of life or death.

Aitech, with its extensive expertise spanning decades, is committed to providing customers with state-of-the-art AI GPGPU-based boards and small form factor (SFF) AI systems. These cutting-edge solutions are specifically designed to excel in airborne, ground, and maritime applications, meeting stringent survivability requirements.

Continuous Innovation

Our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technologies enables us to support the embedded computing ecosystem. Aitech empowers customers in the defense industry with best-in-class embedded computing and connectivity contributing to the protection of human life, strategic intelligence, and the overall effectiveness of military operations in the harshest environments of air, ground, and sea. By doing so, we ensure that our customers receive state-of-the-art support for their mission-critical operations.

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