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Space – Memory & Storage

Our non-volatile, high capacity CompactPCI memory boards and ultra-SFF SSD products are vibration and shock resistant, feature built-in error correction, and superb radiation tolerance. Optional features include latch up resistance and large, scalable storage arrays. The boards are vibration and shock resistant and available in conduction-cooled and air-cooled versions. Also available are a line of 3U CompactPCI Radiation Tolerant boards for space applications.

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ProductProduct NameForm FactorMemory TypeLife Cycle PhaseView/Download
S-993 3U CompactPCI Non-Volatile Memory BoardS9933U CompactPCIUp To 1 TBActive PhaseView Product
S9923U CompactPCI8 TO 64 GBSupported PhaseView Product
S9903U CompactPCI1 GBSupported PhaseView Product

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