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S993 | 3U CompactPCI Non-Volatile Memory Board

Aitech’s S-993 is a radiation-tolerant 3U CompactPCI memory card that provides up to 1 TB of on-board storage space NAND flash with all 8 NAND modules installed for a variety of space applications. Both versatile and performance, the memory board provides high-capacity, non-volatile Flash memory for reliable data storage in both in-orbit spaceflight and downlink communications to earth-bound base stations.

The space-rated memory card includes built-in hardware error detection and correction (EDAC) to correct single-bit errors and detect double-bit errors as well as offers a low single event upset (SEU)-rate and high latch up immunity. With Aitech’s Flash File Driver (FFD) technology, a POSIX compliant file system with wear leveling implemented and semaphore protection, the board can be accessed as a file system from any CompactPCI SBC with a Flash File System implemented. The S993 also includes a Flash Translation Layer (FTL) to handle writes and wear leveling, bad block management and garbage collection, offloading this function from the host processors.

  • Designed for Space Flight Applications
  • Single-Slot Conduction-Cooled 3U CompactPCI (cPCI) card
  • Available in 256 GB or 1 TB of Non-Volatile Flash Memory
  • Hardware Error Detection and Correction (EDAC)
  • PCI DMA Engine for high performance data transfer rates with Interrupts
  • 32-bit cPCI interface at 33 MHz or 66 MHz
  • Flash File Management S/W available with Wear Leveling Implemented

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