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Mil & Aero – Power Supplies

Designed for harsh environment applications, Aitech’s power supplies offer reliable power in industry standard form factors. Their wide input voltage range and high efficiency operation make these power supplies ideal for many rugged applications.

Aitech’s power supplies range from 140W up to 600W and with parallel capability up to 1200W of combined output power and include input power filters along with optional extended holdup time with optional capacitor bank, input, output, and thermal protection to increase reliability and to protect other system elements. Several models also include on-board fan control circuitry for compatibility with fan- cooled enclosures. Some are offered with input and output voltage monitoring circuitry and their thermal interface surfaces are chemical conversion coated for maximum heat transfer and corrosion resistance.

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ProductProduct NameForm FactorType (AC/DC)PowerEfficiency %Life Cycle PhaseView/Download
U-P2330 Product ImageU-P23303U VITA 62DC600WTypically 88Contact Aitech
Project Based
View Product
P2286UDC300W85Active PhaseView Product
P2333U VITA62DC600WTypical 85Active PhaseView Product
P2303UDC150WTypical 85Active PhaseView Product
P2313UDC100WTypical 75/ Typical 85Active PhaseView Product
P2266UDC300W85Active PhaseView Product
P2216UDC175W>75Active PhaseView Product

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