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Mil & Aero – I/O Boards

Multitasking applications often require more I/O than the system SBC can provide. The types of I/O in a system and channel counts can easily be expanded by adding one or more I/O boards.

Aitech’s range of I/O boards and subsystems provide a host of options, from Ethernet, SATA II, USB, MIL-STD-1553B, ARINC-429 and CANbus to Serial, Analog, Digital, Discrete, Synchro/Resolver and other interfaces in PMC, XMC, 6U VME, and 6U VPX formats. Multiple standard configurations support a wide variety of applications. Our selection of I/O boards also includes a choice of 3U CompactPCI radiation tolerant PMCs for space applications.

Because they are low power, these I/O boards have little impact on system power consumption and heat dissipation. Available drivers include VxWorks®, INTEGRITY®, Windows® and Linux®.
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ProductProduct NameForm FactorLife Cycle PhaseView/Download
M575XMC/PMCActive PhaseView Product
M706PMCActive PhaseView Product
M705PMCSupported PhaseView Product
C4376U VMEActive PhaseView Product
C4316U VMESupported PhaseView Product
Aitech M453 Analog I/O PMCM453PMCActive PhaseView Product
Aitech M451 Parallel I/O PMCM451PMCActive PhaseView Product
Aitech M410 Servo I/O PMCM410PMCActive PhaseView Product
M611XMCActive PhaseView Product
Aitech C430 6U VME Peripheral I/O BoardC4306U VMEActive PhaseView Product

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