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M410 | Servo I/O PMC

The M410 Servo I/O PMC board is designed to provide three-wire Synchro-to-Digital (or four wire Resolver-to-Digital) conversion at 14-bit resolution (minimum) on a cost effective and small industrial PMC form factor. An on-board, synthesized AC-voltage source and frequency generator provide built-in-test (BIT) capability for the Synchro-to-Digital (S/D) converters.

To complement the S/D converters, general-purpose digital and analog I/O are also designed to provide a PMC solution that is suitable for a configurable servo-control-loop application. All I/O can be sampled and stored in on-board, memory-mapped SRAM for further inspection and processing by the host processor and is BIT capable.

  • 2-Synchro/Resolver to Digital Converters – Selectable Resolution at 10, 12, 14 or 16 bit
    • Interface for Either Three (3) Wire Synchro or Four (4) Wire Resolver
    • 11.8Vrms Input Voltage
    • Input Frequencies of 400Hz to 3kHz
    • AC Voltage Source/Frequency Reference Software Configurable for Frequencies of 400Hz or 1200Hz
  • A/D Converter – 16-bit A/D Conversions at 100 kSPS
    • I8 Single-Ended or Four (4) Differential Software Selectable Analog Inputs
    • ± 10V Analog Input Range
    • 2 AC Input Interfaces
  • D/A Converter – 12-bit resolution
    • Four (4) Analog Outputs: Two (2) Voltage Mode, Two (2) Configurable as ± 10 Analog Voltage Mode or 0 to 20 mA Current Mode
  • Multiple Discrete Interfaces – 16 TTL or 8 Differential I/O
    • Four (4) General Purpose, TTL I/O
    • Four (4) Low-side Solenoid Drivers
    • Two (2) High-side Drivers
  • PCI 2.1 Interface Compliant, 32 bit @ 33 MHz PCI Bus Interface
  • Air-Cooled Version Compliant with IEEE 1386-2001 Specification
  • Conduction-Cooled Version Compliant with ANSI/VITA20-2001
  • Three (3) Ruggedization Levels
  • VxWorks Drivers
  • BIT (Built-in-Test) Available for Complete Functional Testability

Aitech M410 Servo I/O PMC Block Diagram

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