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M453 | Analog I/O PMC

The M453 Analog I/O PMC board is designed to provide analog output and analog input on a cost effective and small industrial standard PMC form factor. The M453 provides a host processor card that has industrial standard PMC slots with multiple high resolution, 16-bit analog input and 12-bit analog output channel interfaces.

The analog I/O PMC interface supports 50 external analog input channels and 8 analog output channels, while the onboard memory provides 128 x 16-bit buffers for each input channel. The analog input channels are converted in series with a programmable conversion time from 10 to 46 microseconds for each channel, with a total conversion time from 700 microseconds to 2 milliseconds for all channels. Users can program a port conversion list if less than all 50 channels are used.

  • 50 Analog Input Channels
  • 16-bit A/D Conversions at 100Ksps
  • 12 Differential or 24 Single-Ended Analog Input Channels with ±10 V Input Range
  • 12 Single-Ended Input Channels with ±15 V Input Range
  • Six (6) Single-Ended Input Channels with ±28 V Input Range
  • High Gain Input Channels: Four (4) Instrument Amplifier Channels, Gain = 100; or, 8 Single-Ended Channels, Gain = 6.25
  • Anti-alias Filters for All Analog Input Channels
  • 128 x 16-bit Storage for Each Analog Input Channel
  • 12-bit D/A Converter
  • Eight (8) Single-Ended Analog Output Channels with ±10 V Output Range
  • Redundant BIT Path for All External Analog Inputs Using 12-bit dedicated ADC
  • Interrupt Capabilities Using PCI Interrupt Pins
  • PCI 2.1 Interface Compliant, 32 bit @ 33 MHz PCI Bus Interface
  • One (1) Time Conversion of All Analog Input Initiated by Either Hardware or Software Triggers
  • User-configurable port conversion table if less than 50 channels are used
  • Air-Cooled Version Compliant with IEEE 1386-2001 Specification
  • Conduction-Cooled Version Compliant with ANSI/VITA20-2001
  • Three (3) Ruggedization Levels
  • Wind River VxWorks Drivers
  • BIT (Built-in-Test) Available for Complete Functional Testability

M453 Block Diagram

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