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Mil & Aero – Enclosures

When faced with limited space and challenging cooling conditions, count on Aitech to provide rugged enclosures in many sizes and footprints…enclosures that accommodate up to twelve 3U and 6U VME, CompactPCI, and VPX conduction-cooled boards. External cooling configurations include natural convection cooling, forced-air (fan) cooling and cold plate cooling.

All of our enclosures are supplied with Aitech power supplies and backplanes. I/O routing is provided by standard or custom harnessing, or Aitech proprietary solid state I/O transition modules. Input power line filters, together with a sealed Faraday cage design, provide EMI/RFI protection.

Aitech’s high standards of manufacturing utilize aircraft grade aluminum with corrosion resistant stainless steel fasteners. Aitech’s enclosures easily withstand extreme conditions of temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, altitude, chemical exposure, salt spray and sand/dust for reliable operation in challenging military, aerospace and industrial environments.


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ProductsProduct NameForm FactorSlotsLife Cycle PhaseView/Download
E1903U CompactPCI or VPX2Project BasedView Product
E1953U VPX4Project BasedView Product
E1031/2 ATR Short VME5Project BasedView Product
E1041/2 ATR Short VME5Project BasedView Product
E1051/2 ATR Short VME5Project BasedView Product
E1061/2 ATR Short VME3Project BasedView Product
E1081/2 ATR Short VME5Project BasedView Product
E119Double VME2Project BasedView Product
E1101 ATR Short VME6Project BasedView Product
E1161 ATR Short VME6Project BasedView Product
E1923U CompactPCI2Project BasedView Product
E1913U CompactPCI2Project BasedView Product
E1526U VME4Project BasedView Product
E1513U CompactPCI4Project BasedView Product
E1533U VPX6Project BasedView Product
E1546U VPX3Project BasedView Product
Aitech E120 MIL & AERO Enclosures VME EnclosureE1203/4-ATR Short VME8Project BasedView Product
Aitech E121 VME Enclosure MIL & AERO Enclosure 3/4-ATR ShortE1213/4-ATR Short VME8Project BasedView Product
Aitech E193 3U CompactPCI and VPX Enclosure 1/2-ATRE1933U CompactPCI or VPX4Project BasedView Product

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