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GPGPU AI and Deep Learning Technology

GPGPU (General-Purpose Computation on Graphics Processing Unit) boards use parallel processing to execute multiple data threads simultaneously, enabling extremely faster and more accurate data and image processing for computationally intensive applications.

This technology is redefining what is capable in terms of data processing and deep learning networks as well as shaping expectations in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI).  As one of the fastest growing embedded technologies, GPGPU is already being used in a number of military and defense projects, including radar, image recognition, classification, motion detection and encoding.

NVIDIA is a top innovator in the GPU arena and Aitech is proud to be part of its Embedded Computing Ecosystem. The cooperation between our companies led to the first, and smallest, extremely low power consumption, rugged GPGPU supercomputer on the market, and the innovations continue.

Aitech’s rugged GPGPU product line offers the most advanced solutions for video and signal processing as well as accelerated deep-learning for the next generation of autonomous vehicles, surveillance and targeting systems, EW systems, and many other applications.

No matter the rugged, data-intensive computing application you are developing, we invite you to explore our GPGPU offerings and contact us with any inquiries you may have.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.