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Mil & Aero – SBCs

Whatever your mission, chances are Aitech makes the SBC you need: Intel and PowerPC processing; VME, VPX and CompactPCI bus architectures; 3U and 6U form factors; and air- cooled and conduction-cooled formats in addition to 3U CompactPCI radiation tolerant PowerPC SBCs.


Designed from the ground up to be rugged, Aitech SBCs provide maximum reliability with single-slot functionality in challenging military, aerospace and space environments. Integral mechanical and thermal features ensure that these boards work when you need and where you need.

Aitech SBCs offer more on-board I/O than any other rugged SBC on the market today as well as more types of I/O and more channels. Many of our SBCs also offer large on-board solid state Flash disks that provide reliable, low-power mass storage for application software and data security.

Aitech SBCs are supported with BSPs and drivers for popular operating systems including VxWorks®, Windows® and various types of Linux®, INTEGRITY® and QNX®.

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ProductProduct NameProcessorForm FactorLife Cycle PhaseView/Download
U-C8500 Secure HPEC SBCU-C850xIntel®3U VPXActive PhaseView Product
U-C8770Intel®3U VPXActive PhaseView Product
U-C9140 3U VPX SBCU-C9140PowerPC3U VPXUpcoming Product
Project Based
View Product
Aitech C878 3U VPX SBCC878Intel®3U VPXActive PhaseView Product
C877Intel®3U VPXActive PhaseView Product
C875Intel®3U VPXActive PhaseView Product
C912PowerPC®3U VPXUpcoming Product
Project Based
View Product
C874Intel®3U VPXSupported PhaseView Product
C114PowerPC®6U VMEActive PhaseView Product
C111PowerPC®6U VMESupported PhaseView Product
C112PowerPC®6U VPXContact Aitech
Project Based
View Product
C164Intel®6U VMESupported PhaseView Product
C873Intel®3U VPXSupported PhaseView Product
C163Intel®6U VMESupported PhaseView Product
C162Intel®6U VMEObsoleteView Product
Aitech C104 6U CompactPCI SBCC104PowerPC®6U VMESupported PhaseView Product
Aitech C102 6U VME SBCC102PowerPC®6U VMESupported PhaseView Product
Aitech C108 6U VME SBCC108PowerPC®6U VMESupported PhaseView Product
Aitech C106 6U VME SBCC106PowerPC®6U VMESupported PhaseView Product
C920PowerPC®3U CompactPCISupported PhaseView Product
Aitech C901 3U CompactPCI SBCC901PowerPC®3U CompactPCISupported PhaseView Product
C802Intel®3U CompactPCIObsoleteView Product
Aitech C870 3U VPX SBC Intel Core i7 ProcessorC870Intel®3U VPXObsoleteView Product
Aitech C925 3U CompactPCI SBCC925PowerPC®3U CompactPCI Supported PhaseView Product

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