Aitech C870 3U VPX SBC Intel Core i7 Processor

C870 | 3U VPX SBC

Intel® Core™ i7 processor

The C870 3U VPX product family is based on a low-power Intel Core i7 processor that enables extremely high computing within very compact environments. The Core i7 can process data using two cores and four threads via Intel’s hyperthreading technology. 

Based on OpenVPX serial fabric architecture technology, Aitech’s  C870 product family is ideal for computing environments that require extreme data throughput as found in network-centric communications, high-definition avionics displays, mission and controls systems computers, data concentrators and condition-based maintenance (CBM) applications.

The C870 is a supported phase product, to be used in active programs only. For new designs, see the C873, C874, C875 and C877 for other Intel-based 3U VPX SBCs. Learn more about our COTS Lifecycle+® obsolescence management program.

  • Rugged/mil 3U VPX Single Slot SBC
  • Core™ i7 with 1.33/2.0/2.53 GHz Processor
    • Two (2) Cores/Four (4) Threads (Intel Hyperthreading Technology)
    • Intel® Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (Intel® VT-d)
    • Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.2 (Intel® SSE4.2) SSE 4.2
    • On-chip 32 kb Data/32 kb Instruction L1 Cache per Core
    • 256 k L2 Cache per Core
    • 4 MB L3 Cache Shared Between Cores
    • High Performance Graphics Controller
  • Memory
    • Up to Four (4) GB DDR3 SDRAM at 1066MHz with ECC
    • Up to 64GB SATA SSD (On-board)
    • Dual Redundant BIOS Flash
  • I/O Interfaces
    • Four (4) GB Ethernet Ports
    • Two (2) 1000Base-T Ports
    • Two (2) 1000Base BX/KX Ports
    • Two (2) SATA II Ports
    • Four (4) USB 2.0 Ports
    • HDMI/DVI and RGBHV Interfaces
    • Two (2) RS-232/422/485 UART Ports
    • Eight (8) Discrete I/O Lines
    • Two (2) PCie x4 VPX Fabric
    • PMC/XMC Site Supporting 32-bit PCI bus at  33 MHz and PCIe x8 Gen 2.0
    • System Resources
      • Two (2) Temperature Sensors
      • Real-time Clock
      • Avionics Windowed Watchdog Timer
      • Trusted Program Module (TPM)
    • OS Support
      • Windows™ Embedded
      • Windows™ XP Professional
      • Linux®
      • VxWorks
    • OpenVPX Compliant
    • VITA 48 (REDI) Compliant
    • Conduction- and Air-cooled Versions
    • Vibration and Shock Resistance

C870 Block Diagram

TM870 | CM870

Optional accessories for the C873 include the TM870 Rear Transition Module (RTM) and the CM870 3U VPX PMC/XMC Carrier.
For system integration and other development purposes, the TM870 RTM provides convenient access via standard connectors to the C873 I/O interfaces and all PMC/XMC I/O. The RTM supports both the air-cooled and conduction-cooled versions of the C873 when mounted in a commercial air-cooled chassis.

The CM870 is a 3U VPX PMC/XMC carrier on which any industry standard PMC/XMC can be mounted. Using one or more CM870s, system functionality can be significantly expanded by enabling the C873 to control additional PMCs/XMCs over the VPX backplane.

Refer to the TM870 datasheets for further information >>
Refer to the CM870 datasheets for further information >>

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