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Obsolescence Management

Aitech Obsolescence

Aitech COTS Lifecycle+™ Program

Aitech COTS Lifecycle graphic

In a world where speed and agility are paramount, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions have revolutionized the military and aerospace industries. At Aitech, we supply our customers with highly engineered COTS products for deployment in harsh environments. To ensure our products meet their lifecycle management requirements, we offer a comprehensive support infrastructure program known as Aitech’s COTS Lifecycle+.


Aitech’s COTS Lifecycle+ program addresses all product phases, including the critical transition from prototype to deployable product and through to in-service life extension, while mitigating challenges associated with COTS technology availability for mission-critical systems.

With our management program, we enhance our commitment of uncompromised performance for rugged applications through multiple benefits, including:


  • Product Availability Assurance
  • Long-term Program Support
  • Configuration Management Program Options that Meet Your Needs
  • Extend Product Logistics, Lifecycles and Maintenance
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