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Safety Critical Systems

Safety Critical Systems

Safety critical standards for flight software (DO-178) and hardware (DO-254) originated in the commercial aviation industry.  Yet today, these standards are becoming more common in the requirements for military avionics platforms, where commercial and military aircraft must share the commercial airspace and airfields.

For many years, Aitech has been providing boards and integrated avionics subsystems designed to comply with the highest level of  DO-178 safety requirements. These subsystems are installed in multiple platforms in both commercial and military aircraft, under various operating systems, and certified up to DAL (Design Assurance Level) A.

Aitech’s systems and boards are utilized in worldwide fighter jets, commercial and military helicopters as well as on multiple UAV platforms.  These boards and subsystems are used in different applications, including flight control computers, flight management autopilots, data concentrators, remote I/O units and more.

Several of Aitech’s PowerPC and Intel architecture-based boards can be provided with a certifiable BSP.

In addition, Aitech covers the full lifecycle of the certification process:

  • Planning (CM, QA, Design, Testing)
  • Development (Requirements, Design, Implementation)
  • Verification (Testing, Analysis, Review)
  • Certification (Approval by Authorities – EASA, FAA, etc.)

A good example of this process, the C920 SBC is designed per customer specifications, with minimal use of FPGA code to ease the certification process and to provide a more cost-effective solution. The C920 was certified to DO-178 and DO-254 DAL A and is used today in multiple airborne platforms — commercial and military — around the world.

For DO-178 applications, Aitech provides BSPs (board support packages) and I/O driver software for all our products, along with the required documentation and evidence to support customer certification efforts.

For DO-254 certification, Aitech collaborates with the customer to capture the requirements, design a compliant solution accordingly — many times drawing from our existing COTS designs to reduce program costs — select the parts and provide the process documentation, testing cases and the traceability evidence required by the certification authorities.