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E120 | 3/4-ATR Short VME Enclosure

Forced Air Cooled

The E120, a rugged, 8-slot, 3/4-ATR short chassis, is both lightweight and compact. Designed to withstand the extreme environmental conditions of altitude, temperature, moisture, shock, vibration, EMI/RFI and chemical exposure, the new E120 is ideal for use in several types of military and aerospace environments, including ground vehicles and advanced tactical and strategic airborne platforms.

The chassis can accommodate up to eight standard, conduction-cooled 6U x 160 mm ANSI/IEEE 1101.2-1992 VMEbus or ANSI/VITA 30.1 CompactPCI modules that are environmentally sealed within the chassis. The E120 incorporates external forced air-cooling via two, sealed side heat exchangers located on the sides of the unit with cooling air provided either by connection to the vehicle’s ECS or by an optional 28 VDC or 115 VC fan and housing assembly.

  • Rugged 3/4-ATR Short, Eight (8) Backplane Slots Designed for Harsh Mechanical, Climatic, Chemical and Electrical Stresses
  • Environmentally Sealed Enclosure for Conduction-Cooled Modules
  • Compact and Lightweight for Eight Standard ANSI/IEEE 1101.2.1992 VMEbus or ANSI/VITA 30.1 Conduction-Cooled CompactPCI Modules
  • Internally Conduction-Cooled; Externally Forced Air-Cooled
  • Fully Sealed Faraday Cage and Complete EMI/RFI Power Line Filtering
  • Customized Front Panel Connectors – MIL-C-38999 or better
  • Multi-output, High Performance, Modular and Removable Power Supply
  • Environmentally Sealed, EMI/EMC Compliant Power Input Filter

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