The parallel processing capabilities of today’s multi-core GPUs make them ideal for many computationally intensive applications. Aitech’s C530 General Purpose GPU (GPGPU) board provides these capabilities as well as high-performance graphics rendering capabilities and multiple video output channels in a rugged 3U VPX form factor.

  • Rugged 3U VPX Form Factor
  • NVIDIA® Quadro® RTX3000 MXM GPU
      • Turing™ Architecture
      • 6.4 TFLOPS (FP32)
      • 1920 CUDA Cores
      • 30 RT Cores
      • 240 Tensor Cores
      • 6 GB GDDR6
      • Vulkan, CUDA, PhysX, OpenCL, OpenGL, DirectX 12
      • Up to 80 W
  • NVIDIA® Quadro® T1000 MXM GPU
      • Turing™ Architecture
      • 5.3 TFLOPS (FP32)
      • 896 CUDA Cores
      • 4 GB GDDR5
      • Vulkan, CUDA, PhysX, OpenCL, OpenGL, DirectX 12
      • Up to 50 W
  • Multiple Video Output Channels
  • PCIe x16 Gen3 Host Interface
  • OpenVPX Compliant
  • Windows®, Linux® Support
  • 2LM Option per VITA 48.2
  • Conduction and Air-Cooled Versions
  • Vibration and Shock Resistant
C530_Rev 2.3
C530_Rev 2.3


Rear Transition Module (RTM) providing convenient access to C530 I/O interfaces via standard connectors. Supports both air and conduction-cooled C530 mounted in commercial air-cooled chassis.

Learn more about the TM530 transition module >>

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