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Next-gen Space Ecosystem Using COTS for Networking, Connectivity & AI in All Missions and Orbits

This white paper provides an overview of how COTS-based computing solutions that rely on open standards and highly adaptive scalability are enabling next-generation space technologies that facilitate cost-effective innovations.

You will learn about:

  • Space-qualified systems for all orbit levels and mission requirements
  • Improved communications in space networking using a unified, scalable infrastructure
  • How COTS solutions are applied within in-orbit applications
  • Current innovations for next-gen launches in space, from NEO/LEO to the moon and beyond

By harnessing the power of scalable, versatile interconnects, open standards-based computing, Aitech’s Space Digital Backbone (DBB) enables cost-effective COTS-based solutions rugged enough for the deepest space missions and small enough for the compact systems being deployed throughout LEO and NEO orbits.  A variety of system price points also makes every mission affordable.