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Webinar: SmallSat 2021: Small Sats Get Big Boost from Reliable, Cost-effective COTS

What a year for the space industry! We’re so excited to have been part of the 2021 SmallSat virtual conference, where we launched a new Series 300 standardization level for cost-effective COTS technologies designed for use in short duration flights as well as in near earth and low earth orbits (NEO/LEO).

Recorded live at SmallSat 2021, this webinar features Pratish Shah, General Manager, USA for Aitech, as he takes us through the latest trends within the small satellite industry—increased digitization, how AI is reshaping the space industry, the growth in lower orbit missions—and why there is an increased reliance on COTS for next-generation of space programs. He rounds out the discussion with three program examples that highlight best practices in space system development and introduces S-A1760 Venus™, the most powerful and smallest, COTS-based, radiation-characterized space AI GPGPU currently available.