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Video: Aitech’s GM Pratish Shah Discusses Our Space Capabilities Across All Space Missions and Orbit Levels

In this video, Pratish Shah, General Manager of Aitech U.S., discusses Aitech’s 30 years of experience in developing space electronics, especially in some of the most challenging radiation environments.

Focused on meeting the spacecraft and payload needs of our space customers, our products are used in the most disruptive and revolutionary space exploration from LEO and GEO to the moon and into deep space, including a variety of NASA programs such as Dream Chaser, Artemis-3 (incl. HALO), Virgin Galactic, ISS, OSIRIS-Rex, Orion, LOFTID and more…

Pratish takes this special occasion at the 36th Space Symposium, Aug 23-26, 2021, in Colorado Springs, CO, to introduce our newest space product, the groundbreaking S-A1760 Venus™, an affordable, reliable, COTS-based, rugged AI GPGPU develop for the booming LEO and NEO markets. The S-A7610 Venus complements our existing space product line and gives our customers access to an even wider range of cost-effective COTS-based space electronics.

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