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Video: Aitech Introduces the Series 300 Standard and New Space AI GPGPU S-A1760 Venus™

Anthony Lai, Aitech’s Business and R&D Director for Space, gives an in-depth overview of the brand-new space ruggedization levels from the Series 100 to 500, with an unveiling of the Series 300 standard this August 2021, developed to close the gaps between in-lab test units and fully qualified, radiation-characterized space-rated electronics.

The Series 300 level helps validate cost-effective COTS space electronics to meet the booming satellite market in the low earth orbit (LEO), near earth orbit (NEO) and short-duration spaceflight sectors over the next 10 years.

Anthony also discusses the first-to-market space AI GPGPU S-A1760 Venus™, as a pioneer Series 300 level product that is the most powerful and smallest radiation-characterized space AI GPGPU available in the marketplace. Based on the NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2i SoM, the S-A1760 Venus provides more than 1.5 krads of TID and no more than one Type-2 SEFI per 14 days at ISS orbit making it ideal for intense data processing performance, AI, deep learning, video and signal in a number of NEO and LEO missions.

Not only is Aitech bringing cutting-edge technologies like GPGPU solutions to space missions, we continue to build out customizable integrated space systems for long-term missions through our extensive list of NASA programs and industrial partners using Aitech’s space products: Dream Chaser, Artemis-3 (incl. HALO), Virgin Galactic, ISS, OSIRIS-Rex, Orion, LOFTID and more…

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