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Video: How the COTS-Based Digital Backbone Will Impact Future Space

The use of COTS electronics in space applications has enabled the implementation of a Space Digital Backbone (DBB), which provides a unified, scalable, connected communications infrastructure for the development of next-generation space electronics.

This concept, using cost-effective COTS components, has paved the way for unprecedented space innovations, including the launch of a commercial space market, the development of a lunar gateway for long-term deep space exploration and redundant small satellite constellation networks.

In this video interview, Aitech’s General Manager USA, Pratish Shah, and Chitra Sethi, Editorial Director of Tech Briefs, discuss the next generation of electronics in NEO, LEO, lunar missions, deep space and beyond, including:

  • Why COTS components make sense for space environments
  • How a new Series 300 level of qualification is enabling cost-effective space solutions
  • Initiatives happening throughout lower orbits as well as in deep space missions