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C431 | VME Peripheral I/O Board

A/D, D/A and Digital I/O

The innovative Aitech C431 is a VMEbus slave card that provides extensive I/O resources including Analog to Digital (A/D), Digital to Analog (D/A) and opto-isolated digital I/O capabilities for harsh environment applications. Two ADC devices, a 16-bit and a 12-bit ADC, provide high precision analog-to-digital conversion.

The 16-bit device input channels are software configurable, either to 32 single-ended input channels or 16 differential channels or a combination of both. The 12-bit ADC controls two completely isolated differential channels.

  • 16 Differential/32 Single-Ended 16-bit A/D Input Channels
  • 2 Differential, 12-bit, Isolated A/D Input Channels
  • Thirty-Two 16-bit D/A Channels
  • 48 Opto-Isolated Digital I/O Cells
    • Each Digital I/O Cell is Factory Configurable as Input or Output
    • Output Sink up to 1 A
    • Factory Configurable Input Threshold Levels
  • 16 Opto-Isolated Digital Input Channels Designed for Switch Activation
  • VME Slave Interface Implemented in a High Performance FPGA
  • All Digital & Analog I/O Signals are Available at the VME P2 & P0 Connectors
  • Low Power Consumption < 8 W
  • VxWorks, Linux, and INTEGRITY Drivers (Optional)
  • BIT (Optional)
  • On-Board A/D – D/A Loopbacks and High Precision Reference Voltage Sources for High Reliability Operation
  • On-Board Temperature Sensor
  • Conduction and Air Cooled Versions
  • Vibration and Shock Resistant

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