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A190 | RediBuilt™ 3U VPX COTS HPEC

Intel ® Core® i7 Processor

Aitech’s A190 RediBuilt™ system is a true rugged COTS computer. Assembled, tested, and qualified, the A190 provides an out-of-the-box solution to meet many of today’s military and airborne computing requirements.

The A190 includes a 2-slot 3U VPX backplane and an Aitech proprietary front panel I/O board that together provide all system interconnections and filtering circuitry. The high efficiency modular power supply ensures reliable operation over a wide range of input voltagesDesigned using proven Aitech technology, RediBuilt products are fully integrated, requiring no NRE or any additional development.

  • Rugged Computer for Military and other Harsh Environment Applications
  • Fully Integrated and Tested
  • Ready to Use
  • Front Panel I/O board with MIL DTL 38999 Military Connectors
  • Core™ i7 Processor
  • VPX Architecture
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Internally Conduction-Cooled
  • Two External Cooling Configurations
  • Convection and Radiation Cooling by Fins
  • Cold Plate-Cooling
  • Fully Sealed Faraday Cage and Complete EMI/RFI Filtering
  • Environmentally Sealed
  • 18 – 36 Vdc Input Power
  • High Speed SDRAM
  • SATA Flash SSD Mass Storage
  • Video/Graphics Capabilities
  • Plentiful I/O
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • USB
  • Serial Ports – ARINC-429
  • Discrete I/O
  • Video Outputs
  • MIL-STD-1553B – Audio I/O
  • Software Support
  • Windows™
  • Linux®
  • VxWorks®

Available A190 accessories include:

• Set of front panel mating connectors for convenient harness fabrication
• Breakout cables with industry standard I/O connectors
• Power cable
• AC input external power supply

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