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Aitech SOSA Aligned Products

By incorporating innovative technologies, including GPGPU AI processing, advanced cybersecurity and high-efficiency power supplies, into our extensive range of SOSA aligned computing modules, we provide the technological build blocks to develop embedded systems that adhere to the DoD’s open-standards initiative.


Aitech applies our years of innovation to our SOSA aligned products to maximize SWaP-C-optimized designs, reduce development time as well as time to market and facilitate integration and interoperability within system development. We are committed to bringing superior technologies to the MOSA community to help shape the defense systems of tomorrow.


3U VPX Graphics Board for GPGPU AI Processing

The U-C5300 combines high performance multi-head output graphics with NVIDIA® GPUs based on the Turing™ architecture to easily handle intense video processing and high data computation in AI-based embedded systems

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U-C9140 3U VPX SBC

Low Power, PowerPC-based 3U VPX SBC

The U-C9140 is the industry’s first and only available PowerPC-based 3U VPX SBC aligned to SOSA and features large on-board memory & on-board I/O capabilities as well as improved cybersecurity

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Aitech U-C8700

Cybersecurity-based 3U SBC

Aitech’s proprietary AiSecure™ architecture makes the Intel® Xeon-based U-C8770 SBC available for SOSA aligned systems that need to increase survivability and level of confidence, by detecting and preventing unexpected attacks

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U-P2330 Product Image

Rugged 3U VITA 62 Power Supply

With 600W or 1200W power output options, up to 88% efficiency and advanced redundancy protection, the U-P2330 provides reliable, stable power to modern, power-hungry rugged embedded systems; optional holdup capacitor bank available

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U-C8500 Secure HPEC SBC

Multi-core Intel SBCs with Cyber Protection

Also offering AiSecure cybersecurity, the U-C850x Series is unique in its single board combination of the three main pillars of modern data processing acceleration: CPU, GPGPU & FPGA

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