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Rugged Space Electronics for Any Orbit Level

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Explore Aitech’s Space Digital Backbone (DBB) that provides a unified, connected communication infrastructure for the increasing number of digital technologies being implemented throughout space technologies. This concept, which heavily utilized COTS systems for scale and cost-efficiencies, is shaping how space future missions will operate.


With four decades of experience, Aitech offers a range of proven, reliable space electronics that enable seamless integration and high-speed reliable, secure connectivity between internal/external communications. Our products are rugged enough for the deepest space missions and small enough for compact systems being deployed throughout LEO and NEO orbits, and for any orbit in between.


Aitech SP0-S Rad Tolerant SBC

Low Power, Modular, Flexible Space SBC

SP0-S radiation-hardened space-qualified 3U CompactPCI SBC with on-board memory, as well as voltage and temperature monitoring resources, providing 1 GB of DDR2 ECC SDRAM for significant processing performance at any orbit level from NEO to GEO and beyond

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NVIDA®-based Supercomputing Using COTS

Smallest, most powerful, radiation-characterized COTS-based space AI GPGPU, the S-A1760 Venus™ is Series 300 level qualified for short duration and NEO/LEO missions

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Aitech S-A6640

Scalable, Robust Communications in Space

S-A6640 Ethernet switch serves as centerpiece of Aitech Space Digital Backbone (DBB) to lower costs and significantly improve time-to-market for small satellite constellations as well as manned missions

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A445 Engine Controller

Control System Communications and Manage Power

Modular, rugged, space-qualified A445 IBOX I/O interface unit for on-board communication, critical mission control functions, switching, power management and video routing

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