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A445 | IBOX Engine Controller

The A445 IBOX is a rugged, space qualified control subsystem designed to control spacecraft power, peripherals, and I/O. It includes a switch Card (SWC) and two High Power Distribution Unit (HPDU) cards to reliably control a spacecraft’s engines, cameras, RF transmitter, various sensors, I/O and other peripherals, as well as deployment of the craft’s landing legs. Telemetry functions monitor spacecraft operating parameters (power, temperatures, engine status, etc.) and relays the data back to earth.

With FPGA control of many of its functions, the IBOX can easily be modified to accommodate a wide range of spacecraft peripherals. The FPGA is radiation tolerant to ensure reliable operation in the space environment and is user reprogrammable to enable a degree of design flexibility without the need for hardware modification.

  • Spacecraft Main Power Switching, Control, and Distribution
  • Power Switching and Overcurrent Protection for Spacecraft Peripherals
  • System I/O
    • Analog Inputs
    • Thermistor Inputs
    • Discrete I/O
    • Serial Ports
    • SPI Interface
  • Telemetry Signals
  • Pyro Control Mechanism
  • FPGA Control of I/O and Power Switching
  • Flash Memory for Data
  • Small Form Factor
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Low Outgassing
  • Cold Plate Interface
  • Radiation Tolerant
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Vibration and Shock Resistant

A445 Block Diagram

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