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TM870 | Transition Module

for the C870 3U VPX SBC

Aitech’s TM870 is provided as a complement to the C870 Core i7 Duo 3U VPX SBC. The transition module provides standard direct connection to all the C870 I/O interfaces and is intended for use in commercial air-cooled chassis. The TM870 eliminates the need for any harnessing and complex cabling fixtures in order to connect to the C870.
In addition, the transition module provides a high speed connector for convenient access to I/O signals for XMC/PMC mounted on the C870 SBC or CM870 XMC/PMC carrier.

  • Provides Standard Connections for All C870 I/O Interfaces
  • High Speed Connector Provides Access to All XMC/PMC I/O Pins on C870 SBC or CM870 XMC/PMC Carrier
  • 81.5 mm Module Depth Fully Compliant with ANSI/VITA 46.10-2009 Rear Plug-in
  • Reset Pushbutton
  • RTC Backup Battery
  • Jumpers for I/O Routing Configuration

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