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E195 | 1/2 ATR Short 3U VPX Enclosure

Fan or Cold Plate Cooled

Aitech’s E195 VPX computer enclosure is built to be rugged and reliable as well as lightweight and compact. EMI/RFI protected and environmentally sealed, the E195 is capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions of temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, EMI, and chemical exposure.

  • Four Standard 3U VPX Slots
  • Rugged Chassis for Military and Other Harsh Environment Applications
  • Internally Conduction-Cooled
  • Two External Cooling Configurations
  • Forced Convection (Fan) Cooling
  • Cold Plate Cooling
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Protected from Mechanical, Climatic, Chemical, and Electrical Stresses
  • Environmentally Sealed
  • Fully Sealed Faraday Cage and Complete EMI/RFI Filtering
  • Multi-Output Removable DC Power Supply
  • Solid State I/O Transition Board (no wiring harness)

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