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Rugged Solutions for Unmanned Ground Vehicle Systems

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Aitech UGV Hit Ground Running Image

Building today’s unmanned systems for ground applications means packing more computing performance and tighter system integration into SWaP-optimized, rugged platforms. At Aitech, we develop products that support a unified, connected communications infrastructure, known as the digital backbone.  Our innovations include the latest GPGPU-based AI supercomputing, advanced cybersecurity features and leading-edge interoperability and performance.


By embracing open standards such as The Open Group Sensor Open Systems Architecture™ (SOSA) and Future Airborne Capability Environment™ (FACE) and relying on over three decades of developing rugged embedded electronics, we deliver systems that are ready to run in any unmanned, mobile or remote application.


You can also learn how open system architecture, rugged computer and embedded system solutions are providing leading-edge interoperability and performance in UGVs in our new white paper, “Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Enable Decision Superiority”.


U-C8500 Secure HPEC SBC

SOSA™ aligned, SWaP-optimized HPEC SBCs

Aitech's U-C850x SBC family is based on Intel’s ground-breaking Tiger Lake SoC, combining a high-performing CPU with a strong internal GPU and an advanced Image Processing Unit for superior graphics processing performance.

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, A195 and A196 RediBuilt™ are true rugged COTS High Performance Embedded Computers (HPECs). With an integrated Intel® SBC and NVIDIA GPGPU, they provide a fully tested and qualified out-of-the-box solution.

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SFF and 3U VPX AI GPGPU Family

A178 Thunder, A179 Lightning and A176 Cyclone SFF AI supercomputers and C530 3U VPX GPGPU board combine a rugged infrastructure, advanced GPGPU processing and low power consumption. Also includes the SOSA™ aligned U-C5300 GPGPU board.

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Aitech A172

Integrated HPEC SFF Systems
The A172 advanced rugged SFF computer delivers excellent performance in a SWaP-optimized package, supporting 1 TB storage, Ethernet connectivity and versatile I/O options.

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SFF Flexible Remote I/O and Data Concentrator Family

A174 and A175 rugged, compact and flexible subsystems easily extend avionics and legacy I/O capabilities of any mission computer via multiclient/multi-server architecture.

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SWaP-C-optimized Fully Managed Ethernet Switch/Router Family

A664 SFF 16-port, M620 on XMC and C680 3U VPX switches/routers all featuring advanced L2 & L3 networking, redundancy and security protocols. Compatible with VICTORY standard.

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AiSecure™ HPEC Intel® 3U VPX SBC Family

C878/C877/C875 SBCs specifically designed for demanding military environments, featuring on-board FPGAs and our advanced cybersecurity framework. Also includes the SOSA™ aligned U-C8770 SBC.

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Aitech M599 GPGPU and Graphics

Advanced Board-level Graphics Solutions

M599 multiple output graphics XMC and M571/M577 multi-channel frame grabber XMCs are ideal for rugged applications requiring intense video processing and high data computation.

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