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Customer & Technical Support

Aitech provides a broad array of customer support services to ensure a successful solution is delivered in a timely manner to the end user. Our field application and system engineers are available for the systems definition phase to find solutions for computing, communication and storage requirements. We always participate in the selection of standard product to meet environmental and space qualification requirements and determine options for requirements that cannot be met by COTS. And were customer requirements cannot be met completely by its COTS products, Aitech’s product customization, modification and project management services are available.

At Aitech, we provide complete program management — from systems definition and design to production. Our customers can tailor functional and environmental testing to meet their specific needs. Extended availability of supply parts and system configuration management are provided with our unique COTS Lifecycle+™ program. This program ensures that the end user is supported from development through the entire program lifecycle.

    Aitech offers comprehensive customer support in the following areas:

    Product Support

    From the moment a standard or customized product leaves the factory, Aitech’s worldwide customer support teams, located in Chatsworth, Amsterdam, Kfar Saba and Bangaluru available around-the-clock to provide both short and long-term hardware and application software assistance.

    Aitech also customizes and modifies its off-the-shelf military and rugged products to meet the specialized requirements of its customers. Our in-house engineers are able to build a customer-initiated design and develop new embedded computing products for specialized subsystems requirements. For initiatives needing extra levels of programmatic support, Aitech’s EVMS (earned value management system) directly relates internal and external resource planning to our customers’ program schedules and technical directives.

    Software and Application Engineering Aitech works closely with its customers to deliver market-leading software applications, expertise and innovative product solutions. When required, our application engineers guide customers through the application code development process, with hands-on, real-world expertise in a variety of environments, including:
    • VxWorks®
    • LynxOS®
    • Linux™
    • Windows® XP/NT/2000
    • Green Hills™ Integrity®
    • Flight-qualified real-time operating systems


    Every product supplied by Aitech is fully documented with easy-to-understand explanations, step-by-step set-up and usage procedures, and extensive use of graphics, block diagrams and examples. This provides a level of instruction that makes our products virtually self-supporting. However, in those instances where some extra help may be needed, technical support is just a phone call or email away

    Technology Insertion

    By using state-of-the-art, off-the-shelf embedded computing products, our customers are able to take advantage of new industry standard technologies as they emerge for defense and aerospace applications without incurring the up-front NRE development costs or the design and development time. Aitech’s engineering processes, product plans and program management techniques can assist and advise its customers to implement a successful P3I plan

    Technical Support Aitech offers a full spectrum of technical support to our customers, including:
    • Pre-sales technical support
    • No added cost for technical support on standard products
    • Product customization and modification
    • Program management for customized LRU and development systems
    • Customized test and CM services
    Our experienced hardware and software engineers resolve issues and keep development, test and production on schedule. For integration issues that go beyond Aitech standard product support, our systems expertise is available on a time and material services basis.