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Video: The Industry’s First Rad-tolerant Small Form Factor Managed Ethernet Switch, For NEO/LEO Space Missions

This deep dive video with Aitech’s Product Line Director, Alex Trigoub, reviews the major space-rated features that make the new rad-tolerant S-A6640 Ethernet Switch ideal for any NEO/LEO space mission.  Filmed at the 37th Space Symposium, Alex discusses the technical innovations that make this standalone SFF managed Ethernet switch an industry first in space technology, including a significantly lower risk of communication-related failures in space.

It’s unique ability to enable more reliable, scalable communications in space networks makes the S-A6640 a critical component in next-gen space exploration. As the heart of the Space Digital Backbone (DBB), a unified, connected and scalable communication infrastructure, the new switch helps manage the increasing number of digital technologies being implemented throughout space electronics. The Space DBB concept, which heavily utilizes COTS systems for scale and cost-efficiencies, is shaping how future space missions will be operated successfully.

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