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Video: Anthony Lai Introduces New Aitech Space Products for 2022

On the occasion of the 37th Space Symposium, Aitech’s Business Development and R&D Director for Space, Anthony Lai, walks you through the company’s latest space innovations that are helping transform space applications, from short duration, lower orbit spaceflight through long-term missions in deep space and beyond.

Anthony provides an informative review of the new products highlighted at the show:

  • SP0-S SBC (NASA HALO): the processing hub for a next-gen lunar gateway
  • S-A1760 Venus™ AI Space GPGPU Supercomputer (NASA LOFTID): bringing artificial intelligence (AI) to the edge in space
  • S-A6640 Ethernet Switch (Space Digital Backbone): the heart of unified communications in space applications
  • A445 rocket motor controller (Virgin Galactic): helping propel space tourism into mainstream applications

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