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Video: Introduction from Aitech’s CEO Yaron Mund at the 37th Space Symposium

In this brief video, given by Aitech’s CEO Yaron Mund at the 37th Space Symposium held April 4-7, 2022 in Colorado Springs, Co., we introduce our latest space innovations that span the universe, no matter the mission requirement or orbit level.

As a pioneer in space applications, Aitech offers a proven space pedigree with trillions of miles flown in a variety of space missions without a single failure. With nearly 40 years of experience, we are a global digital electronics manufacturer that provides reliable, rugged embedded systems for the harshest, most unforgiving environments in military, aerospace and space applications.

Aitech enables the world’s leading companies to expand their most revolutionary explorations and push the boundaries of innovation across sea, land, air, and space. At Aitech, we stand behind our product and our customer to secure a better tomorrow.

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