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Video: Aitech’s General Manager Pratish Shah Discusses Our Space Capabilities

Learn about Aitech’s revolutionary space innovations from Pratish Shah, General Manager, Aitech USA. Filmed at the 37th Space Symposium, Pratish reviews Aitech’s extensive space-characterized COTS-based capabilities and its long-standing pedigree in space electronics as well as provides an overview of Aitech’s top tier partnerships, including Lockheed Martin, Boeing, NASA, Solstar Space, Astranis and Sidus Space.

The video also highlights several programs using Aitech’s reliable, proven space electronics that are enabling a whole new set of capabilities in space:

  • Virgin Galactic space tourism (A445 rocket motor controller)
  • NASA HALO lunar gateway for deep space exploration (SP0-S SBC)
  • NASA LOFTID reusable inflatable heatshield (S-A1760 Venus™ GPGPU AI supercomputer)
  • Unified communications via the Space Digital Backbone (S-A6640 Ethernet Switch)

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