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TM900 | Transition Module

for the 3U C900 CompactPCI SBC

Aitech’s TM900 provides a complement to the C901 3U CPCI SBC. The transition module provides standard direct connection to all the I/O interfaces and is intended for use in commercial air-cooled chassis. The TM900 eliminates the need for any harnessing and complex cabling fixtures in order to connect to the SBC.

The TM900 transition module fully complies with the IEEE 1101.11 specification and supports subracks capable of front and rear plug-in units as well as subracks capable of front plug-in units only. Kits are available supporting both rear plug-in and front plug-in attachments.

  • Provides Standard Connection for All C901 SBC I/O Interfaces
  • 80mm Module Depth Fully Compliant with IEEE 1101.11
  • Supports Both Front Only and Front/Rear Plug-in Units Subracks
  • Direct Rear Plug-in Unit for Subracks Supporting Rear I/O Plug-in Units
  • Double Slot Front Transition Module Providing all I/O Interfaces
  • Single Slot Front Transition Module Providing Most I/O Interfaces
  • Complete Two Unit Kit (Rear Backplane Adapter Unit and Front Panel Transition Unit) with Cables for Subracks Supporting Front Plug-in Units Only
  • High Quality Twisted Pair Flat Cable for Transition Module and Rear I/O Adapter Connection
  • Includes No Active Components
  • Configuration Jumpers Available for I/O Routing Configuration

TM900 Block Diagram

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