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TM877 | Transition Module

for 3U VPX SBCs

The TM877 transition module supports the C877 SBC I/O. Signals from backplane pins that differ in function per each C877 I/O variation are routed to jumpers on the TM877 PCB, which select the TM877 connector to which the signals are routed.

The TM877 supports both air-cooled and conduction-cooled versions of the C877, when installed in systems that include chassis that accommodate rear plug-in units and have an ANSI/VITA 46.10 compliant backplane with RJ0, RJ1, and RJ2 connectors on the rear side of the C877 slot.

  • 3U VPX Rear Transition Module (RTM) for installation in standard ANSI/VITA 46.10 slots
  • Standard Connectors for C877 I/O Interfaces
  • High Speed Connector for C877 XMC I/O
  • RTC Backup Battery Receptacle
  • Reset Pushbutton
  • 80 mm Mounting Depth

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