S950 | Radiation Tolerant 3U CompactPCI SBC

NXP PowerPC® 750GX Processor

The S950 is a rugged 3U CompactPCI board specifically designed to operate in the harsh space radiation environment for mission-critical applications, operating at 1 GHz. It combines low overall board power consumption of less than 10 W with configurable processor speeds and better radiation tolerance to provide an effective unshielded total ionization dose (TID) greater than 15 krad (Si).

Designed for numerous space applications including low earth orbit (LEO), Mars terrestrial and geostationary earth orbit (GEO), the highly-reliable SBC can be used in harsh, mission-critical systems including redundant mission computers, flight guidance and navigation computers, command and data handling computers as well as in solid state recorders, video controllers and manipulation controllers.

The S950 is a supported phase product, to be used in active programs only. For new designs, see the SP0-S SBC. Learn more about our COTS Lifecycle+® obsolescence management program.

  • Designed for LEO, Mars Terrestrial with an Option for GEO Environments
  • Single-Slot Conduction-Cooled 3U CompactPCI Single Board Computer (SBC)
  • * High Performance PowerPC® 750FX Processor
  • Low Power Consumption, zero (0) wait-states
  • 128 MB of SDRAM Arranged in a Triple Voting Architecture (3 Bits per Cell)
  • Internal L1 Cache (32 KB) with Parity Check for Both Tags and Data
  • Internal L2 Cache (512 KB) with Parity Check on Tags and ECC Check on Data
  • 1 MB Dual-Redundant Boot
  • 64 MB ECC-Protected User Flash Memory
  • Two (2) Serial Ports Supporting RS422 Interface
  • Off-Board Ethernet Interface (10/100 Mbps) for Ground Development
  • Level-2 Components per NASA GSFC-INST-001 Specification are Available

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