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S730 | Radiation Tolerant SpaceWire PMC

SpaceWire and LVDS interfaces

The S730 SpaceWire PMC Card offers three SpaceWire ports with a 32-bit PCI initiator and target capability. It also has provisions to add on two RS422 serial interfaces and 32 GPIOs for system communication.

It uses BAR0 for configuration and status registers, controlling a variety of I/O functions via registers in its assigned PCI memory space, BAR1 to access the DMA controller registers, and BAR2 to access the onboard 128 MBytes volatile memory. The S730 PMC does not use PCI I/O space. The PCI bus and control functions are implemented in an anti-fuse FPGA device.

  • Designed to Operate and Host on the SP0-S Single Board Computer (SBC)
  • Three (3) SpaceWire Full Duplex Ports – All Three (3) Ports are Brought Out of the Front Panel in the 100-series Engineering Model
  • SpaceWire Ports are ESA ECSS-E-50-12C Compliant
  • DMA Engine for Data Transfer To and From the SBC via the Local PCI Bus
  • Each SpaceWire Port can be Enabled or Disabled Independently
  • Each SpaceWire Port can Independently Receive and Transmit Packets to the SBC
  • Each SpaceWire Port can be Configured with Selectable Clock Frequencies of up to 100 MHz
  • Timecode can be Responded to or Generated by each SpaceWire Port
  • Rear I/O via the SBC to the CompactPCI Backplane for the Conduction-Cooled Configuration
  • 32-bit PCI 2.2 Compliant PCI Master/Slave Interface at 33.333 MHz
  • Nominal Power Consumption is Estimated at Less Than 5 Watts (for SpaceWire only)
  • Designed to Operate with a Minimum TID of Over 100 krad (Si) in the Flight Model”

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