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M224 | Mass Storage PMC/XMC

The Aitech M224 is a complete SATA mass storage PMC/XMC solution suitable for harsh environments. The board incorporates no moving parts, providing higher reliability and consuming significantly lower power than rotating media hard drive storage solutions.

M224 memory comprises two banks of NAND Flash devices providing a maximum total capacity of 512GB. Each Flash bank is managed by its own SSD controller, enabling operation as an independent SATA II Flash disk. The SSD controllers’ built-in bad block management, wear leveling, and error correction ensure reliable high speed operation and minimize the burden on the host processor.

  • Single width Rugged PMC/XMC
  • Complete SATA based solution including PCI/PCIe to SATA controller and NAND Flash SSD Up to 512 GB (MLC) and 256 GB (SLC) NAND Flash Capacity
  • PCIe Gen 1 Interface x1 Lane (XMC)
  • PCI/PCI-X 64-bit @ 33/66/100/133 MHz interface (PMC)
  • Built-in RAID Processor supporting RAID 0, 1 and JBOD modes
  • High Performance
  • Up to 210 MB/s sustained write (SLC)
  • Up to 140 MB/s sustained read
  • Built-in ECC, Wear Leveling, and Bad Block Management
  • External Write Protect Support
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Drivers for:
  • VxWorks®
  • Windows™
  • Linux®
  • IEEE 1386-2001 (Air Cooled PMC) or VITA 20-2001 (Conduction Cooled PMC) or ANSI/VITA 42.0-2008 (XMC)
  • Commercial/Military Level Ruggedization
  • Vibration and Shock Resistant

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