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M222 | High Density Flash Memory PMC

The Aitech M222 is a high capacity Flash memory PMC utilizing advanced high-performance, high‑capacity NAND Flash devices to provide up to 128 GB of mass storage in a single industry standard PMC slot.

The board incorporates no moving parts, delivering significantly lower power consumption and higher reliability as compared to hard drive storage solutions.
The PMC PCI interface provides 66 MHz/64-bit data access, and supports master/target functionality over the PCI bus. As PCI master it utilizes its integrated DMA engine for block transfer modes.

  • Up to 128 GB NAND Flash Memory in 2 Arrays
  • Transfer Rate of Up to 130 MB/s
  • High Performance Flash Controller
  • Low Power Consumption
  • PCI Rev. 2.3 Compliant Supporting 64-bit @ 66 MHz
  • VxWorks and INTEGRITY RTOS Support
  • Flash Low Level (FLL) Driver for VxWorks
  • – Basic Read/Write/Erase Functionality
  • Detection and Mapping of Bad Blocks
  • Write Protection
  • Interleaving Support for Flash Banks
  • Optional Flash Memory Manager (FMM) for VxWorks
  • Full File System Read/Write Emulation
  • Detection and Mapping of Bad Blocks
  • Write Protection
  • Wear Leveling
  • Automatic Block Management
  • Error Correction Code
  • Parallel Access to Both Flash Banks
  • Support for GHS INTEGRITY FFS, with WLFS2
  • IEEE 1386-2001 (Air Cooled) or VITA 20-2001 (Conduction Cooled)
  • Commercial/Military Level Ruggedization
  • Vibration and Shock Resistant

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