E153 | 3U VPX Development Platform

Aitech’s E153 3U VPX Development Platform provides a versatile, easy to use, low cost environment for development of 3U VPX systems and application software. The development platform includes a 6-slot VPX backplane with rear I/O, an integral power supply, and a fan unit. 

  • Commercial Chassis for System/Software Development 6 slot 3U Open VPX Backplane BKP3-DIS06-15.2.14-1
  • Twisted Ring Routing of 2 Fat Pipes (x4) for Slots 1 to 5
  • One Switch Slot for Centralized Switching
  • Fan-cooled
  • 300 Watt Power Supply
  • Input Voltage: 90 - 260 Vac/50 - 60 Hz
  • Outputs: 5 Vdc, 3.3 Vdc, +12 Vdc

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