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E108 | 1/2 ATR Short VME Enclosure

Convection/Radiation Cooled

Aitech’s E108 Convection/Radiation cooled VME computer enclosure is built to be rugged and reliable as well as lightweight and compact. EMI/RFI protected and environmentally sealed, the E108 is capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions of temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, EMI and chemical exposure. This makes it ideal for use in harsh locomotive environments.

  • Rugged Chassis for Locomotive Applications
  • Designed for Harsh Mechanical, Climatic, Chemical and Electrical Stresses
  • Environmentally Sealed
  • Compact and Lightweight with 5 Standard VME64x Slots
  • Internally Conduction-Cooled; External Convection and Radiation by Fins
  • Fully Sealed Faraday Cage and Complete EMI/RFI Filtering
  • Customized Front Panel Connectors with I/O Transition Board
  • P232 72 Vdc input, Multi-Output Removable VME 6U Power Supply

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