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CM950 | Radiation Tolerant PMC Carrier Card

for SP0-S 3U CompactPCI SBCs

The CM950 transition module provides standard direct connection to I/O interfaces on the SP0-S and the hosted PMC module and is intended for use in commercial 3U cPCI air-cooled chassis. It eliminates the need for any harnessing and complex cabling fixtures in order to connect to the SBC and the I/Os based on the PMC module used with the SP0-S in a single slot solution.

Designed for harsh space environment applications, the CM951 flight model has an unshielded total dose capacity of 45 krad (Si). An optional 100 krad version is available upon request.

  • Accommodates a Single-Wide Conduction-Cooled PMC
  • Design in Single-slot 3U CompactPCI Form Factor
  • Radiation Tolerant Design for Use in Rugged Space Application
  • Less than 2W Power Consumption
  • Design for Multiple SP0-S SBCs and Conduction-Cooled PMCs in an Enclosure
  • Support for Full Arbitration of PMC Master Operations
  • PMC I/O Routed to compactPCI J2 Connector for Backplane Routing
  • Both Engineering Model and Flight Model are Available in Conduction-Cooled Format per VITA 30.1-2002 Specification
  • Optional Radiation Hardened Version is Avaliable Upon Request

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