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CM106 | PMC Carrier Expansion Card

for 6U VME PowerPC® SBCs

The CM106 PMC carrier card is designed to plug into an adjacent 6U backplane slot and expand system functionality by enabling the addition of I/O, graphics and SSD memory PMC cards. This configuration provides the development of an extremely fast, compact computer system optimized for SWaP. When used in conjunction with Aitech’s C106 SBC, the CM106 adds two PMC sites per backplane slot. Depending on the SBC, up to two CM106s can be used, providing a total of up to 6 PCI sites including those on the SBC.

The CM106 architecture is based on a PCI-PCI bridge connecting the primary 64-bit 33 MHz PCI expansion bus on P0 to a secondary 64-bit 33 MHz PCI bus on which the two PMC sites reside. A total of 110 factory configurable PMC I/O lines are routed to the VME P2 connector. Air-cooled versions of the CM106 also provide front panel access to PMCs equipped with front panel features.

The CM106 is a supported phase product, to be used in active programs with the C106 SBC. Learn more about our COTS Lifecycle+® obsolescence management progra

  • Accommodates Two (2) Single-wide or One (1) Double-wide PMC
  • Single Slot Rugged 6U Carrier Board (VMEbus Form Factor)
  • Expands PowerPC®SBCs Through PCI Over P0
  • PLX 6154 PCI-PCI Transparent Bridge
  • PCI 2.3 Interface Compliant: 64-bit at 33 MHz
  • Full Arbitration for PMC Master Operation Support
  • Front Panel Area for PMC I/O
  • PMC I/O Routed to P2
  • Requires Only +5 V from Backplane
  • Onboard or Backplane 3.3 V Supply
  • 4 W Power Consumption
  • Air-cooled Version per ANSI/VITA 1
  • Conduction-cooled Version per IEEE 1101.2
  • Three (3) Ruggedization Levels

CM106 Block Diagram

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